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Magical Trat in Thailand | Gavin Manerowski

Intrepid travellers like Gavin Manerowski visit a country several times and try out different regions. Gavin Manerowski in ThailandThailand offers holidaymakers a plethora of magical destinations and one of the most enchanting is Trat, Thailand’s eastern-most province. Trat enjoys a warm climate all year round and lies some 315 km from Bangkok.

Trat’s Khao Banthat mountain range marks a natural border with Cambodia. Most people start their journey of discovery at Trat city. It would be impossible to see Trat’s archipelago of 52 large and small islands in just one holiday, but picking out a couple of the larger ones is a good place to start.

Boasting white sandy beaches and deep blue waters with unspoiled coral reefs that are almost otherworldly in their beauty, Trat’s Koh Chang group of islands is easy to explore with guided boat tours leaving daily from Trat city.

Things to do in Trat

As Trat is justly famous for its rubies, one can join bus excursions to the Bo Rai District’s charming gem market. The famous gem market is located some 50 km north of the Cambodian border and is as vibrant, colourful and gorgeous as rubies are red.

Trat province is also home to the beautiful Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park, a fantastic place to explore Thailand’s marine life by going scuba diving or snorkelling at endless white sandy beaches that seem deserted even at the height of the season.

Apart from sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling, Thailand also offers fantastic diving holidays and trips where one can stay on board of a ship overnight and join whale, shark and mantas, turtle and rays conservation trips that are organised by eco-friendly operators.

Why not hire a kayak and explore the islands’ mysterious coves and mangroves by paddle-power? There are various sea-kayaking hire places, which organise guided tours on the islands.

With all that swimming and kayaking one works up an appetite! Naturally, no self-respecting foodie like Gavin Manerowski would visit Thailand without doing justice to its greatest treasure, for Thailand has arguably the world’s most delicious cuisine.

For travellers who loved munching pad Thai and green curry in London or Manchester, tasting Thai food bought directly from a street vendor at a market in Trat City or from a noodle-stall by the beach will come as a revelation.

As soon as one tries soy-steamed sea bass with fried rice and crab or Soi Polo fried chicken simply oozing with garlic and braves the array of spicy dipping sauces they serve with sticky rice one finds all of Thailand on a plate!