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Norway – The Land of Midnight Sun | Gavin Manerowski

Gavin Manerowski NorwayNorway is named as the best country in the world by United Nation. In this place you will not see the dark for 73 – 74 days. Besides being a great place to live, it is also a popular tourist destination for those who want a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The famous tourist attraction is the museum, cultural heritage, monuments, fjords, mountains and wilderness. One great way to tour Norway fjords to join a cruise, explore the farm and villages in the fjords areas. Some villages can only be reached by ship in winters. You will definitely be amazed by the natural beauty and tranquility of the surroundings during your visit. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of Norway’s wilderness on two of the world’s most popular rails, the Flam railway, and Bergen railways. While cruising the Norway Fjords you will be amazed to see the waterfalls cascading down from the rocky hillside and snow –topped mountains. Think about the majestic jagged peaks and gigantic, mountain, wall surrounding a narrow strip of blue shimmering water and you will have an idea what Norway’s Trollfjorden looks like. Words may not be enough to really explain the sheer beauty of this Norwegian attraction.

The country is filled with ice glaciers, gigantic mountains, and fjords, that can’t be conjured into the images of the legendary Vikings, or the god’s of Norse. Norway is completely covered with an awe inspiring beauty and unscathed villages of fishing and also a lot of historical museum and sights, including the medieval cabins of the Viking warriors, it is very enchanting.

Like most cuisines in the world Norwegian cuisine is also very popular. The most famous cuisine is lutefisk and lefse. Lutefisk literally means lye fish. Lefse is made from the potato. It is thin and flexible. Fiskballer is another dish, these are the fish balls and fish soup can almost contain anything. Now the more important stuffs are cookies and baked goods. The most recognized cookies of Norway are krumkake. By far the prettiest and delicate cookies are rosetter, or rosettes. The cookies start with thin batter, the flower or star shaped iron with long hands dip into the batter and then lowered into the hot oil. The cookies fry until they are a beautiful golden brown. Cakes of all kinds are the part of Norwegian diet. Two in particular are worth noting. The first is kransekake, this is almond cake that is baked with a thin concentric ring that that are staged to form a cone 12- 18 inches tall, all glued together with frosting. It is usually served on special occasions or weeding, and the other one is Norwegian apple cake is in the study in a rustic elegant that satisfied the pretension. Sugar, flour, salt, baking, powder, apples, nuts and an egg combine to create a sturdy cake loaded with bits of nuts and apple. Gavin Manerowski love to eat the cakes of Norway, because these are just incredible to taste. Simplicity is also the main ingredient of the Norway cuisine, which is reflected in their cooking style. The berries made the cuisine, special especially blueberries, cloudberries, buckthorn berries. They can be found in all kind of the dishes.

The Nordic landscape is easily recognized by its beautiful cloudy mountains. Its open spaces, deep, dense pine tree forest with fresh and cooling air and clean water. In Norway you will love the picturesque panoramas of snow capped mountains. Now Norway to capital Oslo has become the most beautiful places to visit. One can enjoy the exciting activities back dropped with wonderful stretches of pristine mountain terrains. The exquisite and enchanting sites of nature are what draw hundred of visitors yearly, and is what brought many people to relish the place.

You can set your own pace and explore the country on your own. In each destination you will get to see something amazing and bewitching, which filled your memory with the most beautiful places. Not until we are lost we begin to understand ourselves. So we should explore different places according to our interest which help us to introspect ourselves and help us to know how beautiful the world is. So go and travel the world, and let your wings fly in the air, because travelling always teaches you something somewhere.