Gavin Manerowski Bio

Most people like to travel, but there are some who like to travel more than others! As a blogger Gavin Manerowski devotes much time in the pursuit of travel and discovery. Never satisfied with the conventional holiday outings that most people settle for, Gavin Manerowski traveled to many exotic and exciting places all around the world, including London, Paris, America, Thailand, etc.

As a man with a passion both for cooking and good food and also travel, Gavin Manerowski spent time in Vietnam exploring the unique culinary delights the country has to offer. The many peasants of the country live mainly on dishes of noodles and soup, with street vendors lining the roadside at mealtimes serving steaming bowls of vegetable and herb broth and noodles or rice. Usually the vegetables and any meat or seafood are added as the coup is served and cooked in the steaming broth. Soup is eaten throughout Vietnam for breakfast, and it is not unusual for peasants to eat three meals a day comprised mainly of noodles.


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