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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Poland – Gavin Manerowski

Gavin Manerowski in PolandGavin Manerowski feels really excited to write about another travel destination that he recently visited. Gavin just cannot imagine his life without traveling as he is a great traveler. He loves to explore new places all over the world, it makes him feel alive. He also loves to write and share his awesome traveling experience with others to inspire them for the same. Gavin Manerowski describes his experience regarding a latest place Poland that he visited. Poland is a country in Central Europe, It is one of the best country that he has ever visited. Poland is a beautiful place with Friendly people around. It is an amazingly beautiful place. Poland is an incredible and natural place that is away from the big cities. Poland is also known as the land of natural beauty, its natural beauty combines lakes, beaches and mountains.

Gavin Manerowski visited the Tatra National Park, located in South Central Poland. This park was established in 1954. The most interesting thing about the Tatra National park is that the park is mainly forests, meadows and various rock formations that covered the Tatra Mountains. The mountain and forest view makes this place more beautiful. He also visited a very famous city of Poland that is known as the Krakow. Krakow is well known for its cultural, academic and economic activities. It is the major center of education. This place has been awarded a number One of international rankings in Top city-break destinations 2014 survey conducted by the British. Poland is also the 17th most visited countries in the world by foreign tourists. This ranking was given by as the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2012

Poland is the center of attraction for visitors due to the following reasons –
-    Historical monuments
-    Business Trips
-    Agro Tourism
-    Hiking And Trekking
-    Climbing

Gavin Manerowski is a food lover also and he also enjoyed the polish food a lot. Polish food is normally based on its local ingredients. The local ingredients of Poland include pork, cabbage, mushrooms, beet-root and onion, these can be combined together. Gavin also enjoyed the delicious sweets of this place. Sweets of Poland include – Cream cakes, apple strudel, pancakes, fruit-filled dumplings and lody (ice cream).

Things to do in Poland–

Gavin Manerowski described some things that everyone should enjoy in Poland-

Sail the Great Masurian Lakes
Come to where the bison still roam
Knock back a vodka shot
Sail the Great Masurian Lakes
Come to where the bison still roam
Knock back a vodka shot
Take to the Carpathian Mountains to hike, bike or ski
Mix it up over Polish food
Bear witness at Auschwitz-Birkenau
The Boat is dining at Le Lagon I

Poland is a tourist place; people enjoy being there because of its natural and unique beauty. While describing his experience, Gavin Manerowski says that the Poland country is really unique. It’s just impossible to describe how wonderful everything looks like there! So, I suggest everyone to visit this place at least once in a lifetime.


Bolivia: The Perfect Dream Vacation with Gavin Manerowski

Gavin manerowski in BoliviaGavin Manerowski has recently visited a very beautiful place called – Bolivia. Bolivia is situated in the heart of South America. Bolivia is a multiethnic and democratic country which is surrounded by Brazil. A country with the highest capital city in the world, the largest salt flats in the world, mountains, jungles, and lakes. It shares with Peru control of Lake Titicaca the world’s highest navigable lake (elevation 3,805m).

Gavin Manerowski experienced that the Bolivian culture is very warm and friendly. He was glad to see that people offer their seat on a city bus for someone older than you or woman. People will normally do this for you if you look a little bit older. Bolivia remains untouched by the passage of time as a One of the highest and most remote countries on earth. For travelers like Gavin, Bolivia offers a diverse mix of multi-ethnic cultural experiences. Bolivia is one of the best places to experience magnificent natural landscapes and extreme level adventures. Tourist attractions in Bolivia offer a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime travel. He Experienced the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” Yungas Road runs from La Paz to Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest. Yungas has become a favorite travel attraction for mountain bikers.

Gavin Manerowski describes Bolivia as an out-of-this-world travel destination. Nothing in this world is like the Salar de Uyuni that is one of the flattest places in the world. These salt flats in Bolivia are a natural wonder made entirely from bricks of salt. The salt flats look amazing after a rain when water sitting atop the cemented salt acts like a mirror. It perfectly reflects the sky above and just looks wonderful. A trip here feels much like a trip to a strange and beautiful new planet. Lake Titicaca is a popular vacation destination. The original Copacabana is a favorite resort for both tourists and locals.

Gavin says that we can listen different macaw species among the 100 species. The world’s rarest – the bluebird, only lives here. While walking through the jungle over there, we can feel brilliant butterflies and moths flit at our feet. Bolivia has South America’s largest percentage of indigenous people, so the culture is still alive. Gavin Manerowski suggests participating in community-based tourism and hiring local guides to know and understand the culture closely. The traditional food of Bolivian cuisine is basically beans, corn and potatoes. These ingredients have been combined with a number of staples brought by the Spanish, such as rice, wheat and meat.

Gavin Manerowski enjoyed his time in Bolivia. He was feeling like that Bolivia would not let him go. He enjoyed the flying birds, food and company of people over there. It was a magical place that has people of every age acting like children.



Gavin Manerowski | A Travelers Guide to Slovakia

Gavin Manerowski Travels SlovakiaThe Slavic, Central European nation of Slovakia may be at the surface of the list of preferred holiday destination, but it’s not without specifying charm. With its mountain terrains, it can be ideal for skiing, hiking, mountains climbing, and snowboarding. Particularly the high tetras in Slovakia, which from an area of the encompassing Carpathian Mountain range. Provide wonderful opportunity of these pursuits, Chairlifts and cable cars ply the alpine valleys, helping to make it become a fashionable traveler spot. In addition to Fashionable Mountain mounts. Slovakia likewise has numerous castles with medieval exhibits, and wooden churches, and ancient log cottage treasured as heritage websites. It too boasts of a quite a few Zoological gardens, parks, museum, spa retreat, folk’s theater, and old town café. Holiday’s maker is slowly discovering this attraction, and many like Gavin Manerowski are pleased to learn that exploring Slovakia just as not as pricey as touring the more liked destination in the Europe. The funds of the Republic of Slovakia are the quaint town of Bratislava. This beautiful town has a wealth culture’s existence, however untainted with commercialism. Here a single can happily go on his way without having jostling by means of noisy throngs of holiday-maker. There are some 50 museums in Slovakia, and the popular one is a Slovakia national museum in Bratislava. It exhibits in Slovak history and archaeology will certainly fascinate the visitors, who will then discover, among other things, the country’s rich folk art and craft.

The largest country in Slovakia is Bratislava, which is situated on the banks of the Danube River in southwest Slovakia. It is such a charming and interesting city, where you see how the history and culture has been kept alive. There are many church that you will encounter here in the city, but you will find a St. Martin church quite fascinating, the church is one of the oldest and largest one available at the city. Slovakia is the eldest destination for the lovers of the story of the medieval era. This is because it has several fortified castles, medieval town and mountains. It would thus be a unique and different experience.

The location of the Banska Bystrica in the mountain region and is popular with the holiday maker who like the outdoor lifestyle. Central Slovakia is the location where the Nova Baha is located. It is the point where the mountain stiavnicke vrchy and Pohronsky Inovec join. It consists of magnificent landscape showing the charming town of Nova Baha. The people like Gavin Manerowski, who are passionate about trekking in the beautiful landscape, then Puchov are a wonderful experience. It consists of a highly developed community in a natural beautiful setting. People can walk through a fountain made by the academic artist. The fountain has colored lights that change rhythmically. Slovakia’s Orava region is famous for its rolling hills and spectacular scenery. You can certainly enjoy many summer holidaying activities. The scenery in Orava is simply idyllic. This spectacular scenery will make you more relaxing and more content in the lap of nature.

Slovakia is not known as a major global tourist destination. But it should be because it has some spectacular and enchanting beauty. It has architectural marvels, Zoological gardens, and national park make up of the high Tatras, which is an oldest preserved area in Slovakia. Slovakia is a wonderful, varied place to explore. For a once in a lifetime, meals in Bratislava to stunning country towns, Slovakia can give you a wealth of experience. Leave the urban sprawl behind and visit Banska stiavnica, a UNESCO protector, former mining town set in stunning scenery. It is particularly known for the holy trinity column, a daunting red marble structure. So there is no point in guessing that when you visit this amazing country you will be amazed to see the beauty that lies in the country. Traveling always lets you to acquaint with yourself and make a relation with the nature.

Slovakia is the destination for the new millennium, you will love to visit the country again and again, and get bewitched by the amazing rich culture, folk art, scenic beauty that you will love. So just make your next destination in Slovakia and you will automatically love the environment, and amazing natural landscape and weather.