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Solo Travel

Solo Traveler – Embrace the beauty of your solo journey

Gavin Manerowski believes that the traveling alone is one of the best ways to see the world. When you travel alone, you are free from influence of friends or family choice. You can just enjoy the journey and destination in your own way.  Every person has their own preference and its awesome feeling when you can completely do what you really want to. Gavin Manerowski likes the way of solo traveler. He always prefers the solo traveler. Whenever you are with a companion, then you cannot completely focus on other things during travel. You can forget about meeting the other travelers.

Everything is amazing about Solo traveling still having some concerns. The main concern is Safety. When you are traveling somewhere alone, then safety is your main concern. There are some countries that are safer than others for Solo travelers.

Gavin Manerowski has described some perfect places for a Solo Traveler. These wonderful places are as follows –Solo Traveler

  • New Zealand

In New Zealand, Travelers can have a wonderful adventurous experience.  Adventures can be on glaciers, rainforest, etc.  We could get a chance to meet very open minded people in the world. To meet new friendly people can be the one of the best things for solo travelers.

  •  Norway

To visit this place is a beautiful experience for a solo traveler. The Hurtigruten coastal steamers that sail up the coast of Norway can be the best experience for a solo traveler. There are many ways for solo visitors to travel this beautiful destination.

  • Switzerland

This is a natural place for solo travelers. Switzerland is a best place for those people who mind their own business. One should go there with good hiking boots and a Swiss rail pass.  Visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing natural view, there without looking for any companion.

  • Costa Rica

It seems like the concept of adventure was actually started from Costa Rica. This Central American destination is also known as the world’s happiest country.  For a comfortable stay, it is best to book country’s storied adventure lodge.

  •  Austria

Places there are small and compact, so perfect choice for a solo traveler to navigate easily. Salzburg place is even smaller but a warm welcoming to solo travelers.

  • Vietnam

In the largest cities of Vietnam, it is very safe to enjoy the colorful Street life.  To explore Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City is a very interesting experience for solo travelers.  A stay on Phu Quoc Island gives an amazing experience of the classic Southeast Asian beach lifestyle.

  • Chile

This is a place for travelers to explore 3000 mile long country of deserts and mountains. People there are very friendly and welcoming. Gavin Manerowski enjoyed his time there as a Solo Traveler.

  • Japan

Visitors can enjoy a hot spring bath and meditate in a Zen garden there. Most of the Solo travelers just love to dine at the counter in a sushi restaurant. The bullet train ride is something that everyone would love to experience.

  •  Indonesia

This is a beautiful place to see temples and enjoy yoga on the beach. Visitors can enjoy cheap food and massages over there.  Bali is the single most popular destination for Western solo travelers in Indonesia. Visitors who prefer less touristy place, they must take a short distance flight to Lombok. Lombok is an island that reminds of 1970s Indonesia.

  • Canada

Canada is the world’s second largest country. As a Solo traveler you should set your sights on its cities—like Vancouver.  This place is amazingly tucked between mountains and water. A worth seeing place that everyone would love to visit.

  • Germany

Germany is a good choice for Solo travelers. This is one of the Europe’s friendliest countries. Visitors love to hang out in Berlin. You can explore the other parts of this country using its well regarded rail network.

Solo Travel is an opportunity to try something new. You can hire a guide to experience beautiful sites. A person can spend a whole day doing nothing. You can surf camp in Central America or bike trip in Southeast Asia. Gavin Manerowski suggests everyone to enjoy traveling as a solo traveler once in life.


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Poland – Gavin Manerowski

Gavin Manerowski in PolandGavin Manerowski feels really excited to write about another travel destination that he recently visited. Gavin just cannot imagine his life without traveling as he is a great traveler. He loves to explore new places all over the world, it makes him feel alive. He also loves to write and share his awesome traveling experience with others to inspire them for the same. Gavin Manerowski describes his experience regarding a latest place Poland that he visited. Poland is a country in Central Europe, It is one of the best country that he has ever visited. Poland is a beautiful place with Friendly people around. It is an amazingly beautiful place. Poland is an incredible and natural place that is away from the big cities. Poland is also known as the land of natural beauty, its natural beauty combines lakes, beaches and mountains.

Gavin Manerowski visited the Tatra National Park, located in South Central Poland. This park was established in 1954. The most interesting thing about the Tatra National park is that the park is mainly forests, meadows and various rock formations that covered the Tatra Mountains. The mountain and forest view makes this place more beautiful. He also visited a very famous city of Poland that is known as the Krakow. Krakow is well known for its cultural, academic and economic activities. It is the major center of education. This place has been awarded a number One of international rankings in Top city-break destinations 2014 survey conducted by the British. Poland is also the 17th most visited countries in the world by foreign tourists. This ranking was given by as the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2012

Poland is the center of attraction for visitors due to the following reasons –
-    Historical monuments
-    Business Trips
-    Agro Tourism
-    Hiking And Trekking
-    Climbing

Gavin Manerowski is a food lover also and he also enjoyed the polish food a lot. Polish food is normally based on its local ingredients. The local ingredients of Poland include pork, cabbage, mushrooms, beet-root and onion, these can be combined together. Gavin also enjoyed the delicious sweets of this place. Sweets of Poland include – Cream cakes, apple strudel, pancakes, fruit-filled dumplings and lody (ice cream).

Things to do in Poland–

Gavin Manerowski described some things that everyone should enjoy in Poland-

Sail the Great Masurian Lakes
Come to where the bison still roam
Knock back a vodka shot
Sail the Great Masurian Lakes
Come to where the bison still roam
Knock back a vodka shot
Take to the Carpathian Mountains to hike, bike or ski
Mix it up over Polish food
Bear witness at Auschwitz-Birkenau
The Boat is dining at Le Lagon I

Poland is a tourist place; people enjoy being there because of its natural and unique beauty. While describing his experience, Gavin Manerowski says that the Poland country is really unique. It’s just impossible to describe how wonderful everything looks like there! So, I suggest everyone to visit this place at least once in a lifetime.