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Gavin Manerowski had an amazing experience in Indonesia

Gavin Manerowski in Indonesia

Gavin Manerowski loves to travel and experience different places all over the world. He feels really excited to share his experience regarding the journey to various places. The Gavin Manerowski’s recent journey was to in Indonesia. He had experienced five wonders of Indonesia. These five types of wonders include – Natural, Adventurous, Sensory, Modern and Cultural. One of the Natural wonders that Gavin Had visited was Kofiau Island. It is the smallest and least visited amongst the major islands in Raja Ampat. This island offers a wealth of nature & beautiful scenery. Kofiau Island comprised primarily of raising coral limestone and some volcanic hills covered in low lush rainforest.

Another beautiful natural place that he had visited was – Mount Rinjani. It is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. A climb to the top is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Indonesia. The climb to the top may not be easy, but it’s worth it. It is widely regarded as one of the best views in the country. Gavin Manerowski had an amazing experience over the top of mount Rinjani. Gavin Manerowski also had Adventurous experiences in Indonesia. One of them was G-LAND (PLENGKUNG BEACH) that was an amazing experience of outstanding waves for challenging surfing. The waves of G-land are considered 2nd best waves in the world after Hawaii only. Plengkung Beach is dubbed “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” by international surfers for its legendary 7 rolls of waves that can reach up to 6 meters high.

Gavin’s another adventurous experience was in Alas River that flows directly into the Indian Ocean. The sharp bends and many rapids are challenging to whitewater rafters. It attracts the rafting lovers all over the world. This area is especially popular among the young and adventurous people. Gavin Manerowski visited to a place called Loksado, A place where culture meets the marvelous landscape. It is a lush landscape decorated with wonderful waterfalls and rushing rivers, there was also the Tanuhi Hot Spring where he enjoyed refreshing hot water. Gavin went to Triwindu Antique Market that was a part of Indonesian modern wonders. Triwindu Antique Market  is the center of excitement for lovers and collectors of antiques. The variety of antiques available there for sale also differs from one another in manner of usage.

Gavin Manerowski had a very peaceful experience of visiting a place called Taman Mini. Taman Mini shows the Indonesia’s rich culture and natural diversity. Taman Mini has large areas for family recreation, various museums, performing theatres, a number of flora and fauna parks and accommodation facilities. Its main aim is the preservation and development of the different Indonesian cultures to strengthen the nation’s unity and integrity. Gavin Manerowski got awesome experiences in Indonesia. He suggests everyone to visit that amazing place at least once in their life to have an unforgettable experience.